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Milan 2017
After exhibitions at the 57th ART BIENNALE IN VENICE in October 2017 and during ART BASEL in June 2018, exhibitions followed during the Cannes Film Festival and at the Galerie Etienne de Causans in Paris in December 2018.
Award ceremony in Florence in February 2019, then participation in the ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW in Hong Kong in March, followed by a group exhibition at Hotel Euler in Basel under the patronage of the Slovak Embassy in Switzerland, curated by Novum Investments. 
The exhibition STILL ALIVE was very successful, which is not self-evident in Corona times. 
Due to the Corona conditions, individual appointments for an exhibition visit are a good alternative to welcome you in my studio! This is possible at any time under 079 293 79 44!
Thank you very much for your loyalty! We will continue and I look forward to your visit!
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Astrid Baenziger



A lot of  exhibitions and expierences in 2016.

Images: London Crypt Gallery Mai 2016

With curator and art critic, ex minister of culture in Italy, Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, Mai 2016 Pro Biennale Venice, Italy

Shakespeare in Art Award 2016 in Verone, Italy


Participation in the 57th Biennale di Venezia 2017

"Grazie Italia!" at the Palazzo Albrizzi Venice

I have the honour to partivcipate in the group exhibition "Grazie Italia!" at the palazzo Albrizzi from Oktober 26th - November 26th 2017. The Exhibition is managed by the director of the National Pavillion of Guatemala, curator Daniele Radini Tedeschi.

Adress:    Galleria del Piano Nobile del Palazzo Albrizzi Capello

               Cannaregio 4116





Palm Art Award "Certificate of Eccellence 2018!

 My exhibition RUBY TUESDAY at Gallery Art & Eigensinn from November 16th to December 21st 2018 was a great success.

Many thanks to all visitors and heartfelt thanks to all who gave my pictures a new home!


In December 2018 I was also awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” by the jury of the Palm Art Awards in Leipzig for special artistic quality and originality  of the following pictures:

Eating Sweet Apples with Mick (Jagger)

Cloë bloque le DADA (Dadaism)

Betty`s still waiting for Gerhard

Thanks to the jury!


Images: International Art Price of Collosseo in Rome, Italy in May 2016

Art Price "Shakespeare in Art Award" in Verona,  Italy in June 2016

"Womens Essence Art Award" in Paris, France 2017

Nomination for the international Palm ART Award 2017 and 2018

"Certificate of excellence" Palm Art Award 2018

"International Botticelli Art Prize" in Florence,  Italy in June 2019




art critics and the european art museum of Denmark!

my heavenly excursions
we carry the world
Betty's still waiting for Gerhard


"my heavenly excursions" has been selected by the European Museum of Art in Denmark

Description: A young woman longs to be near her deceased loved ones. She is walking on a telephone wire full of birds between earth and heaven. She is communicating with the birds and in interaction with the people who passed away. She's part of the big secret of the universe.



Inaugurata con i festeggiamenti del compleanno del Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi

Dall’8 al 30 maggio 2016 – Palazzo Giustinian Faccanon (Venezia)

La capacita creativa di Astrid Bänziger segue un filo conduttore, che caratterizza e contraddistingue la produzione, rafforza la profondità d’indagine ed evidenzia la forza espressiva dell’autrice.

Nella sua pittura, la figurazione riprodotta assume l’aspetto di una lente puntata e focalizzata sul reale, sulla dimensione quotidiana della realtà, che viene riportata nei quadri con fantasiosa rivisitazione soggettiva e versatile proiezione interpretativa, scaturita dall’indole vivace e dinamica dell’artista e dal suo stato d’animo di eterna sognatrice.

Nella mente dell’osservatore si aprono e si articolano varie chiavi possibili di lettura,

si generano percezioni parallele messe a confronto, si comprendano i sentimenti portanti e i valori alla base dell’azione creativa della Bänziger, dal senso dell’essere e dell’esistere, alla voglia di condividere le proprie scelte artistiche appassionate.

La sua pittura è supportata da un’inesauribile immaginazione e da una spiccata sensibilità intuitiva, nel cogliere sempre spunti innovativi e mai ripetitivi.

Venedig im Mai 2016                  Elena Gollini, Kunstkuratorin und Journalistin


Brick Lane Gallery London:

one of the artists inviting us to discover her works is Astrid Baenziger. The Swiss artist creates dynamic artworks where we can find the perfect balance between figuration and abstraction. The combination results in dramatic vivid pieces, ready to bring out an array of emotions in the viewer. 

Marcela van't Hof, Art Critic and Curator London


Art-catalogue:"the best modern and contemporary artists 2016", Vienna:

the paintings of Astrid Baenziger is a kind of painting by the strong symbolic value. The symbology is at the center of the artist's pictorial thought, who uses her figures to express very important concepts. the colors are always very sought. with great stylistic elegance, Astrid outlines a new path of research.

Salvatore Russo, curator and artcritic Italy


Ukiyo-e is a type of Japanese art print on paper that flourished in Japan between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries. Baenziger's reference to it is clear, both in terms of the choice of the collage technique as well as in terms of paper and the choice of motifs on canvas.

Two further characteristics of this type of print are the asymmetry of the composition and the two-dimensional nature: both are graphic elements that are beautifully emphasized in "Betty's still waiting for Gerhard" (Betty wartet immer noch auf Gerhard...).

Her artistic and poetic development is marked by experimentalism in technology and material. Ukiyo-e means "floating world": What the artist tries to create is actually a fantastic world.

The artwork is characterised by a background of light colours and wall painting. On the left side, a crow is about to caw, but it seems to be trapped in the middle of the small canvas.

In the lower right corner the artist shows the upper part of a female figure in front of the black crow. Betty's exterior and interior.

The bird is obviously in a precarious state; immobile with open beak, in the act of grasping a diamond-shaped chunk of gold. It is the symbolism of the inner Betty, who nervously awaits Gerhard while she is living in a golden state, already has everything to control her daily life and existence.

The crow dominates the centre of the composition, it is shown with slightly open wings, defined by grey and black brushstrokes, very delicate and almost transparent. The legs seem to hang down. Its shadow melts on the canvas and drips down.

The right side of the composition is dominated by bands reminiscent of Japanese ornamental motifs. Two grey-brown backgrounds alternate with a scarlet veining.

In front of the woman who seems to have just turned around to look at the newcomer, there is a table with objects resting on it: a glass of water and a glass of wine and some books. In addition, a series of elements that combine to demonstrate a fantastic serenity to the outside world and give Betty's personality a soothing dimension.

Baenziger brings the dreamy universe to light to awaken the smile of the viewer. This is an ingenious translation of the symbolism used to describe the human and animal figure. The title arouses curiosity.

The artist moves in the sphere of figurative representation, but applied to a second reality. Acrylic paints are the first true orientalization, fantastic moments that create new possibilities of expression in combination with collage. These fragments of a kind of random reality, decontextualized and inserted into the artwork, reconfigured by new legends and relationships.

On the canvas, various elements coexist that translate into a mental game, a hibernation of forms and the inner beauty of the human being.

In reference to his art book on jazz, Matisse said that excerpts in the heart of colour reminded him of the immediate roughness of the sculptors. The paper cut and glued by Baenziger, on the other hand, is a synthesis of the desire to change the vision of reality in relation to tradition. Deconstructions to rebuild another new world created by colours and designed to bring happiness and joy into life. To touch on sensitive and profound themes such as the idyllic beauty of nature, her work is imbued with lyrical poetry. Her painting emphasizes the happiness of participation in life, regardless of reality or not: the colour of the work is bright and optimistic, which corresponds to the artist's character.  

 Baenziger places creative and material thinking in the foreground: one should not become a model for success, a style or a way of life, but rather try to use inner and outer worlds that surround us.

It is said that Japanese artists during the golden age have changed their names several times: perhaps it was another way to reaffirm the transience of the ego and fully appreciate the transient beauty of happiness.

Daniele Radini Tedeschi, curator and art critic of the exhibition «GRAZIE ITALIA» at the palazzo Albrizzi Capello during the 57th ART BIENNALE VENICE 2017 




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